Sunday, December 9, 2012

I love her, I love her a lot.

Tonight, my heart is bursting with gratitude for my little Petey.
I mean, seriously, how does she keep getting cuter?

Petey is always there to be my buddy. I love her questions and her openness. I hope she never stops coming to me to ask questions or to lay in bed with me and talk.

Every morning, this little girl wakes up before anyone else, comes into my bed and rubs my back or runs her fingers through my hair and lets me sleep an extra 30-60 minutes. She. Is. Awesome.
 On Saturday, Petey had her dance recital. It went more amazing than I was expecting. All day, she kept saying she wanted to go back and be on stage and have people watch her dance. One of my favorite parts of the day was when she said, "Mom, let's go lay on your bed and talk about my dance concert." She then proceeded to tell me all about her fun backstage and how she felt with those big lights shining on her and knowing people were watching.

For being a shy little thing, I was proud of her for being brave and loving it. I was proud to see her do all of the moves of each dance as best she could remember. I was proud that when she started her second dance facing the opposite way of the other girls, she quickly realized her mistake and turned around, smile on her face the whole time.
Petey isn't just a dancer. I know I've posted about it a lot and I'm glad it's something she loves right now but Petey is much more than that.

She was my buddy at stake conference today. She makes going to church alone a lot less hard. If she sees me cry, she doesn't just ask what's wrong but quickly comes over and wipes tears off my face. She screams at me when I tell her to go to time out. She jumps on her bed when she isn't supposed to but quickly apologizes and makes it up to me with loves and kisses. She loves her friends and talks about them daily. She is good at sharing. She would smother her brother with love if he would let her. She likes to have meaningful conversations. She often hides and tells me she went to Disneyland. She loves doing laundry with me and puts all of the clothes away for me.

In case you didn't catch it from everything I've said, I absolutely love that little girl. I love her spunk and I love her sweetness. I love the shy and the brave. I love the smiles and the pouts. I love everything about my Petey girl and am so glad she is mine forever.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emmy said...

Love those pictures! The attitude one is hilariously adorable. So awesome she did so good with her ballet- it really is wonderful to watch them succeed at things. Why do you have to go to church by yourself?