Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Review Extravaganza: October, November, December

It's already time for the very last Review Extravaganza post for 2012!
 October is another birthday month in our family. Spidey turned 3 and got a bike that he still refuses to ride.
 I turned 25 and got hair extensions that I LOVE to wear.
 Also in October, we took a spur of the moment drive to Utah to visit with cousins and see one of Boss' childhood friends off on his mission.
 Of course, who can forget how cute my kids looked on Halloween this year? ;)

 November started out with one of my favorite yearly traditions: All of my sisters coming to town to enjoy Time Out for Women together.
 We also bought a zoo pass as an early Christmas present and have been loving it ever since. Actually, we're headed there later today. :)
 December has also been filled with Petey's dance concerts,
 Christmas parties,
 surprise haircuts,
and Christmas!

Those last three pictures dont have links because I haven't blogged about any of them. It's been such a busy week with all of my sisters in town and we are trying to soak up the time we have with them before they leave.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this week!


Janette Johanson said...

omigosh, I'm so worried to find my kids with scissors and that random and unexpected hair cut! I think I got a hold of my bangs as a kid. Its a right of passage I guess. Your kids are adorable and I would LOVE to get hair extensions! Great recap!

Emmy said...

Surprise haircuts-- was that a child initiated one?? Can't wait to hear about that. Their halloween costumes were so so cute!! And I do love that dance picture- she looks like a model from an old time movie. How fun that you all go to Time Out for Women together-- I have actually never been to one.

Thanks so much for linking with us all four weeks

Nicole said...

oh. my. gosh. your little girl is absolutely gorgeous! I love that dress she's in in the first of the December recaps. And he still refuses to ride his bike? Give it time and you won't get him off!