Sunday, December 2, 2012

Petey's Dance Concert: Take 1

 If you are my friend on Facebook, I'm quite sure you're sick of hearing about my little girl and her dance concert on Saturday.
Since I danced for many a year back in my younger days (ha! I'm only 25.), I was excited when Petey showed an interest in dance. She took some classes last year at a small studio in someone's garage but this year, she was ready for the real stuff. Ok, I'm totally kidding. She's not some professional-looking little dancer but she really does love what she does and I'm very happy that she loves it so much! So we decided to put her at a bigger studio and see how she liked it.
So far she has done fabulous. She seems to be picking it up really well and talks about trying out for the SNS team next year. We are big fans of Club Dance and Petey loves her teacher, Miss JaNae. Actually, Spidey loves her too! He always talks about Miss JaNae and says that she is his teacher too.

In one of Petey's classes (her SNS team prep class), they got to be a part of an extra performance before their holiday recital. Of course, I was excited that we would get to see her perform one of her dances twice.

Petey has been anticipating her performance for weeks and finally, Saturday was the big day.
We woke up and started on her hair and make up. She looked so cute but WAY TOO OLD with that make up on. It totally made her day since she is obsessed with make up these days.
 I snapped some pictures of her in her dance costume before she performed.
 Aside from her shins being covered with bruises, this is my favorite picture of the day. Isn't she just gorgeous?
I also had to get a picture with her friend, Scarlette, who is in a different class and performed that morning also. I have known Scarlette's mom since junior high and I am so glad that she referred us to Club Dance. Like I said, we absolutely love it!

Last, I've posted the video of Petey's performance. She is third from the end. She was a bit nervous when they got on stage but we thought she did excellent! I was so proud to watch her perform with the group and know most of the choreography.

I was on my Youtube page and watched the video of Petey's dance recital from last year. Here it is if you'd like to compare the two. What a huge improvement!

On a funny side note, I need to get a video of her practicing her dance at home. Spidey has been watching her and he actually knows a lot of the dance by himself and does it around the house, even if she isn't there. I love my littles!!!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Kelly said...

You're right - she looks way too old! It's going by too fast. She is so precious though! ... And as a side note, I thought we were friends on FB. Guess not?