Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Review Extravaganza: July, August, September

 Here we are at week 3! Happy Friday everyone! This has certainly been an eventful week for our family but you'll get to hear about that a different day.

Today, let's review July, August, and September.

Do you remember in July when my husband sent my son out of the bathroom looking like this. Of course, minutes later he finished shaving Spidey's hair. I was sad but as we all expected, it has grown back and is cuter and redder than ever!
 Also, in July, my little princess started dance classes at Club Dance.

In August, I celebrated(???) my one year anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was utterly surprised that we weren't pregnant since I was just expecting this wouldn't be as hard as it is for other infertile women. Why I thought I'd be the exception, who knows?
 Spidey also had his SECOND encounter with dermabond, which is glue for really deep cuts. He woke up from a nap with a bloody ear and we had NO idea there had been glass on the floor of his room from a little play mirror he had broken during naptime.

September was a fun month. That little girl above mastered night time potty training. It was hard for the first week but we both pushed through and it was worth it!

Also, I was reminded how unreasonable 3 year olds are. Oh that Spidey boy, we love him so much. But gosh darnit, he is unreasonable if he doesn't get his way! It's a good thing he's cute, right?

See you all next week for the fourth and final review of 2012!


Emmy said...

I saw that picture before I read the words- so glad it was a real hair cut and not a kid led one! Think if he goes bald some day as an old man- he may go bald just like that and it would be a fun picture to have :)

That ballet picture is so so cute! Look at that attitude and pose- love love it!

Oh and Spidey's ear- so sad!

Great recap. Oh and don't forget we thought it would be fun to add 5 goals/hopes for the upcoming year as part of the last recap. That way when we recap next year we can see if they happened.

jennie p. said...

ok, that first photo is hilarious!

Nicole said...

Oh, so cute she started dance classes. I was in ballet for 10 years and absolutely loved it! Hope she still is enjoying it!