Friday, December 28, 2012

The Saddest Haircut

 Once upon a time, I thought I would be that lucky mother who's child did NOT cut her own hair. We've had talks about this subject with Petey because she's wanted her hair to keep growing long.
Her hair grows pretty slow so it seems like it's taken forever to get her hair even this long.
 And the curls we can do with this length of hair; perfect. I love her hair this length and I was looking forward to it getting even longer.

But then last Friday happened. I went to take out the trash and right on top was a big wad of hair. My heart skipped a beat and I called my girly into the room.
 This is what I found. Not only had she cut some bangs, she cut a big chunk on the side of her hair.
 I put her hair up in a pony tail to really see how bad it was. Yeah, it was pretty bad. It was a thick little chunk and although we tried to hide it that first day, it just wasn't working.
 We made an appointment Saturday with Petey's Primary teacher at her salon. Although Petey was excited about getting her hair cut by her primary teacher, she wasn't actually excited about having short hair. She was made for a couple of days after the haircut and I'm hoping that makes it so she'll NEVER do it again!

 All done! I appreciated that her teacher gave her some longer hair in the front so we could hide the short pieces but still have a cute haircut.
Here is a picture of the back. I do like the haircut but I'm so sad that her hair is going to take a while to grow longer.

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