Friday, December 7, 2012

2012 Review Extravaganza: January, February, March

 I know I've said this the past 2 years but is it really that time again?

You see, 2 years ago, I decided on a whim to participate in a Review Extravaganza that 6 other blogger moms were holding. With every week I participated, my name went into a raffle to win prizes from each of the 6 bloggers. Much to my surprise, I won!

I loved receiving the gifts but my favorite part of it all was remembering back on my year and realizing how far we had come. So this is my 3rd year doing it and I am so excited to participate once again.


January 2012, I started out the year by picking my words for the year: Organize and Prioritize. That is one of my favorite things to look back at because I have done a pretty darn good job of keeping up with my goals and words for this year. My house may be crazy but it's more organized than ever before. The majority of this year, we decided to stop trying for a baby and I had more time to prioritize and put my children first. That has been a huge blessing and I am so glad I have been present in their lives more this year.
Also in January, Spidey wore underwear for the first time. We didn't end up potty training him at that time but he started showing signs of being ready.
 Petey and I started 'school' together since she isn't doing preschool at all before starting kindergarten next year.
 And many trips were taken to Tucson to go visit my kids favorite little pup, Paco. Spidey was obsessed with that little doggie and still talks about him (my in laws no longer have him).

 I got to meet my niece for the very first time. Unfortunatly, it was because my sister was sick after giving birth and my parents flew her down here so we could all help her. But I'm still glad I got to meet that beautiful little girl sooner than I was planning.
 Also in February, I reorganized the kids' closet and put all of their toys in the closet so they had to ask to get them out. It was a great idea for a while but I'm glad they have the opportunity to clean up their toys and play with them when they want now.

 In March, we saw a cute idea on Pinterest and we decided to send hugs to my out of town sister. The kids loved decorating their outline and mailing it to Aunt Karin and Uncle Chris.
We also took another trip to my parents' beach house in Carlsbad and enjoyed the beach for a whole week. The fact that they surprised us and took us all to Legoland wasn't half bad either. :)

So happy I could link up with Emmy and the rest of her friends. I'll see y'all next week to recap April, May, and June.


Nicole said...

I love that you guys played school! I didn't go to preschool before school and it turned out just fine :). Sad that your sister got sick but I bet you got some quality time with her and her new baby!!

Emmy said...

Yea! There are not too many who have recapped all three years- so glad you are and so glad you won since you have recapped the whole time. So glad you were able to meet your words for the year. And yes a week on the beach would be an awesome vacation. My kids love Legoland.

Thank you so much for linking up

Mrs. Match said...

Being present in the here and now is so so important. Your babies are going to grow up so fast, and I'm so glad you're taking time to enjoy those precious moments!

Janette Johanson said...

You have some VERY cute kiddo's!! I love that send a hug idea!! That is so cute! What was the reaction? All of my family lives too darn close to mail one but still might be fun to do for a friend we haven't seen in a while.
Great recap!! Newest follower and looking forward to your next update!

jennie p. said...

i love the hug idea!

check out this post and let me know which charity i should donate to this month... i will donate $1 for your comment!