Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh the fun we've had

 In case you were wondering, we are having loads of fun over here. With Christmas coming so soon, we've been lucky enough to have out of town family come to town!
My sister and her husband dropped their kids off in Arizona this week before they headed back to California to go on a cruise together. Lucky for me, that meant tons of time with my niece and nephew!
On Tuesday, my mom took us all to the Az Museum for Youth. The kids love going there because of all the crafts and toys they get to enjoy.
 K Bear was excited to be cooking something delicious for us all to eat.
 Petey was just enthralled with the pink wedding cake.
 K Bear is definitely the son of an accountant. He walked around with this calculator for a long time.

 Ellie sat and played with this abacus for the longest time and was smiling and saying, "Ooh! Ooh!" over and over.
 The 3 big kids. They have loved being together all week.
 Adorable, right?!
 On the other side of the museum, there is a big play place for kids and they have a corner area just for kids under a certain height. It is meant for babies but Spidey was actually shorter than the height limit so he got to enjoy the baby area as well. ha! I guess sometimes it pays to be short!
 Ellie loved looking at herself in this mirror. That is the most I had seen her smile since she was born. Seriously, though...that girl is usually so serious.

Lucky for us and unlucky for my dad, he had surgery the next morning so we got to keep K Bear and Ellie at our house for the night. Besides one little 2am mishap where K Bear woke up and realized he didn't have his special moneky at our house, they both slept all night.
 Ellie actually cried when we took these Minnie ears off of her. She wore them almost the whole time she was at our house. :) Don't you just love that little tongue?
 She also loved Petey's dollhouse. Such a little girl. :)
Mid-morning, we turned on some Dora and the kiddos all looked adorable sitting on the mattress we currently have laying out in our front room. My mom came and got them shortly after but we are getting tons of playing time in with them at her house now.

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