Monday, January 13, 2014

2014: Day 13

 Day 13's challenge was to write about my week. Since I've chosen to write about things on my mind most of the time, I often neglect the day to day posts with pictures of my kids and what they are doing.

Last week, my sister went into labor. Yippee! I had told her I would take her 2 kids so my mom could be at the hospital with her and so we got to have a cousin sleepover on Tuesday night.
Do you think they got any sleep? Actually, they did. Surprisingly, the boys fell asleep within 20 minutes. Spidey is usually the instigator and likes to jump on the bed when he has company over so I was glad to have them asleep. The girls fought sleep for almost 2 hours but they stayed in the bedroom the whole time so I can't really complain.

The next day was really fun. I love doing hair so Ellie got a new hairstyle for the day after Petey went to school. Isn't she adorable?
My brother in law's sister came and got the kids in the afternoon and I was just waiting to hear if my sister had pushed her baby out yet!
In the early afternoon, the announcement text came through and I was an auntie again to a new little boy!
 We took these pictures tonight. I've decided to call him Red on the blog. He is one precious little baby boy. He's also really red. :) He is a mix of his two other siblings so it'll be fun to see how he looks when he's a little older.

In other exciting news, I dyed my hair this week.
 And yes, it is pink. :)
Petey was soooo jealous but also really excited! She's been asking for pink hair for months but obviously, that just isn't happening at the age of 5. I decided it fed my wild side and also made her happy. Doesn't get much better than that!
I love my pink hair so much that Facebook has had a few new awkward selfies of me. Yay Facebook viewers! I just don't think selfies are usually all that cute and yet, I keep posting them! It's partly to show off my hair and partly sarcasm.
But anyway, I really love it! Can you tell?!

This past weekend was full of events; happy, sad, and embarrassing.

I went bowling with a bunch-o-friends on Friday night and since I'm probably the most awesome person ever, I sprained my wirst bowling a ball that was apparently too heavy for my weak-sauce wrist.

Boss' cousin had passed away almost 2 weeks ago and his funeral was Saturday morning so I decided my wrist would be fine until the afternoon, even though I could barely move it.
The funeral was beautiful and I am so lucky to know such a wonderful family. I am so grateful I was able to honor such a special young man. I cried a lot more than I would've expected the day he passed away and his funeral brought a lot more tears. There were tears of happiness and sadness as we mourned our loss but were happy for his gain.

We left the luncheon around 2pm and I was almost in tears from the pain I was feeling in my wrist. Since my dad was in meetings and we couldn't figure out a better option for an xray, I dropped my kids off to my mom and sister and I headed to the hospital ER.
A fun 4 hours later and I was diagnose with a bad sprain and given an ace bandage and stronger medication. The ace bandage became annoying after about 5 minutes but thanks for my wonderful friend, I borrowed a better wrist brace that doesn't take up half my arm.
I really am surprised by how painful this sprain is. The only reason I was worried about it being broken was because of the amount of swelling and the PAIN.

But all is well. It feels a teensy bit better today and hopefully by Tuesday, I'll be writing with my right hand again since school is starting back up! Yay me! Wish me luck. :)

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