Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: Day 7

 Today is all about my friends.

And since I feel so blessed that I have a lot of friends, I did have to narrow it down to 5 friends who have taught me a lot.

I remember years ago, after first getting married, when I wondered if I would ever fit in anywhere. I was really young and all of my friends were single. Then we moved into our current house and all of the people who had children my childrens' same ages were at least 5 years older than me. It took a while to learn that friendships can be found anywhere and age or children's ages aren't always a deciding factor in who you are friends with.

So here they are---the 5 women {who aren't in my family} who have taught me the most:

My favorite things about Emily:
Emily is honest. The advice she gives me is honest with a capital H.
She seems to have my 'faith over fear' motto down. She is confident and happy.
She is friendly to everyone and won't exclude others.

What I've learned from Emily:
So...how long do we have? Ok, I'm kidding but only a little bit. Emily has taught me so much, especially these past 5 months. I've learned that I need to be confident in myself and not rely on what anyone else thinks of me. She's taught me to put a smile on my face and remember that bad things happen for a reason and usually, good things come because of it. Emily's strength is ridiculously amazing to me. She is someone I want to grow up to be just like. :)

My favorite things about Lacey:
Her sarcasm that matches up with mine perfectly.
Her ability to make everyone feel included.
Her openness of her testimony.

What I've learned from Lacey:
Lacey has taught me so much about serving others. She is always doing something for someone else. I can feel that she cares about me even though sometimes I probably annoy her. :) She watches my kids often, wanting nothing in return {They are actually at her house right now}. Lacey is the epitome of a true Christian to me.

 My favorite things about Cassie:
She is real. Like down to earth, tell you what she's thinking real.
She is really funny.
She lets me pretend her baby is also mine. Kind of. Not in a creepy way. He's just soooo adorable!

What I've learned from Cassie:
Cassie has taught me how to have a positive attitude in any situation.
She is brave and has taught me how to take risks and have faith.
Patience. Cassie is one of the most patient moms I've ever met. I don't know if I've ever heard her yell.

 My favorite things about Heather:
Her ability to do hair and how all of her children are so adorable!
Her honesty---sometimes brutal honesty.
How motivated she is in life.

What I've learned from Heather:
I've learned how to accept others as they are. This may not be something she thinks she's taught me but Heather and I weren't always super close. Actually, because of Heather's blunt honesty, I used to be intimidated by her. Now that makes me laugh because we are such good friends but it was once true. Heather really taught me a lot about trusting others because once I trusted her, I knew she was an amazing friend.
It also amazes me how motivated she is to do things in life. I have learned a lot about being brave and putting myself out there because of Heather.

 My favorite things about Leyla:
How loving she is to everyone
Her attitude and strength
Her ability to create amazing pictures

What Leyla has taught me:
Leyla and I go way back---ok, four years back. There was a time in our lives where we weren't friends---more the opposite. Without Leyla's decision to put herself out there and come talk to me, we still wouldn't be friends. I owe our friendship to her and her amazing strength. I wasn't a great friend and she taught me how to love more and worry less. She taught me bravery and how to be kind. The funny thing is, when we talk, she'd explain things the opposite. But for me, I know it is because of her amazing ability to love others that we are now close again.
Leyla has also taught me how to have fun and not worry what other people think. She is the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it. She is extremely selfless.

My favorite things about Stacey:
Her ability to ask for help when she needs it
Her devotion to her family
Her positive attitude and kind-hearted personality

What I've learned from Stacey:
Going back to the first thing I said about her, I've always loved that if Stacey needs my help, she will ask. If she needs help with kids, she asks. If she needs me to run to the store, she asks. And if I can't do it, I never feel worried telling her that. She just simply asks and if I can help, I do. I wish more of us were able to speak up when we need help, even with little things.
Stacey is such a kind-hearted person. She has taught me to speak kinder to others. She has taught me to have faith in any situation. She has taught me to love more and act on things when I get the feeling I need to do something for someone else. She smiles a lot, even though her life isn't perfect. She just seems so grateful for everything she has and it makes me want to be more grateful for everything I have.

My friends are amazing. They are in my life for specific reasons and I can see that. God knows what He is doing. And He has surrounded me with people who build me up.

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