Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: Day 2

 My Firstborn:
{Sorry, I'm already a date late on Day 2. I started writing this yesterday but then I got a migraine and couldn't go near the computer screen.}

Becoming a mom was something I always knew I wanted to do. There was no if, only a when. So when I saw that positive pregnancy test 4 short weeks after getting married, I could hardly contain my excitement. And then 8 weeks after that, I was devastated when I miscarried.

We found out we were pregnant the second time around about 5 months after we got married. This time, the excitement was at a minimum because I was scared.

On New Year's Eve SIX years ago, we had an ultrasound confirming what I already knew---we were having a baby girl. She was the first granddaughter on my side of the family and we were all excited.

On April 1st of 2008, I was put on bedrest for pre-eclampsia. I was only 30 weeks pregnant and was worried about this fiesty little girl coming early.

Six weeks after that, she was born. Only 5 pounds even. I hold babies that are bigger than that and can't even fathom that she was ever that tiny.
Petey is my best friend. Ever since she was tiny, I have loved dolling her up. I started making her bows when she was 6 months old and started making necklaces when she was 3.
 Petey is very trusting and we are really close. I know how to handle her personality because it is a lot like mine.
 Petey was born a firecracker. She spent the majority of her first 9 months crying. She walked at 13 months and started talking really early. She's always been very bright and grasps things really quickly.
 Petey has always loved to dance. She took her first dance class at age 3 and is now on a dance team at age 5 1/2. She loves when it's a "dance day". She practices at home constantly. In the past few months she has taught herself front limbers, back bends, tummy rolls, among many other things. Of course, she learns the basics of these in class but she will come home and make sure she learns them and practices on her own.
 Petey is also really goofy. She can make me laugh so hard sometimes.
 She is really helpful and loves to cook. Grandma has made bread with her many times and Petey soaks it all in and loves that special time with her Grandma.
 You already know this but Petey has piercing blue eyes. They are bluer than any other eyes I've ever seen. They fit her perfectly. She has always had a clear and powerful disposition. She is caring and kind. She loves everyone.
 On the other hand, she is nuts. :) She is so crazy sometimes and makes the funniest faces.
 She's been obsessed with make up since birth. She used to get into my lipstick all of the time!
 Petey has always been miniature. :) We are used to it now but it was so weird when she was little and her cousin started becoming her same size. He's 18 months younger and now he's a little bigger than her. We just make 'em tiny around here.
 Petey has always been an extremely good helper to me. She helps me cook, clean, and take care of her little brother.
Last night, I had a migraine and threw up twice. I was in bed at 8:30 and my kids were up playing. I called Petey in and told her I was sick and her reaction was, "What can I do to help you, mom?" I asked her to get her brother all ready for bed and go to bed. Next thing I knew, it was 1am and my headache was gone so I got up to make sure the kids had made it to bed safely. I walked into Spidey's room and there they were, dressed in pajamas, snuggling up next to each other and sleeping. I'm so proud of my big helper.
 Petey wears her heart on her sleeve. It's one of the reasons it has been hard to watch her through the last few months of trials. She cries more often, is angry more often, but is also more loving than ever before. Her emotions are tripled right now and I hope I'm able to help her through her hard times.
I could go on and on about this sweet girl. She is amazing. Sometimes, I just can't even believe that I really get to be her mom forever and ever. I feel extremely lucky because she teaches me every day. She is my best friend and I love her so much.

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