Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: Day 3

 My Parents:

Let me ask you one simple question, does it get any better than having your dad be your children's pediatrician?

Ok, I'm mostly kidding because there are so many other reasons I'm grateful for my dad but it sure doesn't hurt that he can give me medical advice whenever I need it.

I am the 4th child {and 4th daughter} in my family. I wish I had a million stories about my childhood for you because I'm sure there were many but I don't remember much about growing up. I was a really hard kid and as an early adult, that really embarrassed me so I never really talked about my 'young years'. I still have some funny stories but a lot of them are stories I've heard over and over throughout the years.

But alas, it was still a great childhood. My parents were troopers getting through raising me and still choosing to have 2 more children younger than me.

As a teenager, when my relationship was the furthest from my parents, I never could have imagined having a really close relationship with them. But something changed in all of us when my parents sent me to ANASAZI when I was four months shy of 18 years old. ANASAZI taught us all so many things about ourselves. I learned to trust my parents and they learned to trust me. I felt important and loved again. I learned how to be a trustworthy person and how to be more respectful.

Well, now I'm all old and grown up :) and I couldn't imagine not having my parents in my life. They are wonderful. They are extremely supportive of everything I do.
And aren't they just so darn cute together? Yes, it's true, old people love is gross, but they seem to pull it off pretty well.

In their lifetime, they've had 6 children---5 biological and 1 specially picked.
2 of those children are special needs and my mom is the best mom for those 2 children
4 weddings to help plan
10.75 grandchild
26 years of my dad in practice as a pediatrician
Probably a thousand different vacations {mostly on their own}---they've taken us to Hawaii twice, Alaska twice, San Diego, Carlsbad, Texas, and many other cities and states I can't remember. Those ones are just more recent.

I hope to someday look back and see that I've built a life like my parents. They've accomplished so much together.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that they are mine. Obviously, they gave me my crazy and I can't thank them enough for that. I love laughing with my family and playing games with them. We get together as a family often and I love it!

Really, they're just awesome. The end. Period. Done. No arguments.

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