Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014: Day 15

Day 15: A dream.

I have this reoccuring dream and in it, I am laughing; laughing and feeling nothing but bliss. There are no worries and there are no dangers---I'm feeling pure happiness. It isn't a dream that I have to decipher when I wake up because I know exactly why it is there.

My dream is to be happy. My goal is to be happy. And above that, I dream of happiness for my children. I want them to grow up knowing what I know and acheiving happiness amidst their trials.

Will they ever get stuck in a rut that's harder than hell to get out of? Yes! But what I hope they find is that happiness can only come from within. It is a choice. It can be achieved anytime and anywhere.

I used to complain to my parents that a sister was making me mad---I think we've all heard that phrase. One of the best things my parents did for me was teach me that no one can make me mad or sad or even happy. Those are choices I make on my own. I cringe whenever I hear myself say, "You're just making me really angry right now." or anything along that line to my children because it isn't true. They can't make me angry. And my goal is to engrain that in their minds because I believe it is what has helped me be the happy person that I am.
I want their silly little personalities to hold on to the raw happiness they have from childhood. I want them to grow up knowing that you can find happiness in any situation.

I dream of a world where everyone feels happiness, where everyone feels love and joy.

What do you dream of?

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