Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014: Day 4

 Day 4 is all about my secondborn.

Spidey is my baby boy.
He came into our lives unexpectedly and yet, very expected and anticipated. I was so excited to have two kiddos only a year apart.

Spidey just really fit into our family from the very beginning. I hardly remember Petey being an only child. The both of them are a pair in our family and it seems like they came that way.
 Spidey has always loved dogs, even big, huge dogs. He trusts them and loves to play with them. It was surprising when he started this at a young age because his sister would have a panick attack if the tiniest dog was loose at the park---I'm talking, teeny, tiny dogs. But Spidey has always loved them.
 Spidey is my cuddler. Back then and now, he is a cuddle bug with his mommy. If he has his blankey, he will crawl up on my lap, stick his finger in his mouth, and nestle up close to me and stay there for long periods of time. I soak it in now because I'm sad his baby years went so quickly.
 Spidey is also our "sicky". He has been on more breathing treatments in his life than the rest of us combined. He gets sick more easily than the rest of us. And yet, now that he's older, even he isn't sick often. Moreso as a baby, he would easily catch things that were going around.
 This boy has given me more mini heart attacks in his lifetime than I thought possible. Before he learned how to walk, he learned how to climb on my kitchen table. He has always been a climber.
 Spidey has the best smile. I'm serious. His goofy and quirky and I love it. Sometimes it changes but it is always adorable.
 Spidey was born a pound bigger than his sister but two inches longer so he looked a ton skinnier than her as a baby.
 He quickly made up for that with his eating habits and was the only chubby baby I've ever had so far. :) I love looking at pictures of him being chunky because it only lasted probably half a year before he was miniature like his sister. I think he weighs almost the same as this picture now. ;)
 Spidey was the best baby ever. And when I say that, I'm not exagerating. He only cried when he actually needed something.
 He has always had a happy disposition. He was a ridiculously good eater and probably eats the same amount of food now as he did at 6 months old because he's now so picky.
 Our favorite picture of Spidey. Spidey was 9 months old here and still a chunky kiddo. I was so excited when his hair started to grow in red. Everyone told me red heads were 'firecrackers' and I had a hard time imagining my Spidey being anything but sweet and calm.

I now know what they were talking about.
 Spidey is such a stud. Everyone who meets him loves him. He says the funniest things and has a big imagination.
He is my favorite boy. I love the good and the hard that he brings into my life. He teaches me patience and also how to let loose and have fun. Spidey is so many things but most importantly, Spidey is mine for eternity. I love him so much and am so glad he is a part of my life.

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