Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Madness

What was my favorite thing about this weekend?

Seeing Spidey anialate his early birthday cake. He looked like he was turning into the Hulk with all that green. :)
What made me slightly queasy?

The fact that his bath water looked like he pooped in it. :)
What made me sad?
Spidey was up ALL night with a stomach ache after devouring his cake. Poor little guy.
What made me smile today?

Spidey riding a horse for the first time and Petey wanting NOTHING to do with it. I love the difference in their personalities. He may not look happy in the picture but he was actually ecstatic. He was grinning most of the time and after he got off, he was angry that I walked away from the horse.
What did I accomplish?
Getting all of my Halloween decorations put up. Although my kids are fascinated and want to play with the ones within their reach, I love the spirit that Halloween starts to bring. Thanksgiving and Christmas are even better but this time of year is my favorite.

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