Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

I must confess [a little bit too late for my Friday Confessional] that I have been busy celebrating something very special with someone very special.

Boss and I had our 4th anniversary on Thursday but celebrated Friday-Saturday.

Yes, that little line [-] means Friday THROUGH Saturday.

[Beautiful flowers Boss got for me on Anniversary Celebration favorite ones yet!][Bath and Body Works sprays and body wash...Boss is always getting me presents for our anniverary after we agree not to get each other anything. "sigh" He's a great man. ] We dropped our kids off around 4pm and headed off to Macaroni Grill [thanks to the gift card my parents gave us for our anniversary]. As you can seen, Boss was excited.
And the real Boss? She ate almost all of the bread! I love that stuff.
We came home and crashed at 6pm because we were both stuffed...beyond stuffed.

After that, we attended an amazing marriage class held by our church. Great way to celebrate 4 years together, I think.

Bahama Bucks greeted us shortly after...and then we went home and crashed again.

The next morning, at TEN AM, we finally woke up, ate breakfast at Denny's [it was gross], and went to pick up our kids whom we missed so much!

Such a fun weekend! The perfect way to celebrate us.

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