Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Madness

Where did I spend a good chunk of my morning? The doctor's office. Waited an hour and fifteen minutes to see him...but dont worry, I wasnt mad. I worked for my dad and understand these things happen. Instead of getting mad, I got bored and started taking pictures of myself. :) ha!Where did my money go today? The good ol' Hobby Lobby store. I am finally in a crafting mood again so hopefully I'll have some fun tutorials for you soon.
Where did my Spidey take his afternoon nap today?

In his high chair, poor boy.
What was Petey so excited about?

Her new skirt [more on that at the end of this post] mixed with the fact that I let her wear her fav rain boots to Grandma's house. She was dressed in true Petey fashion.
What was for dinner tonight?

Turkey fettucine alfredo. Mmm.
Who decided that their dinner would look better in their hair?

Hmm...who would do such a thing? [BTW, he was making a shy face from Uncle John when I took the pic.]
What did I make today?

3 new skirts for girly girl who only wants to wear dresses/skirts lately.

Oh what a busy, fun, exciting, tiring Monday! :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

how cute!! that last skirt has the same fabric of my crib bedding for the baby!