Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Wednesday

I find it funny that I use the same title and label every Wednesday and yet, there is no theme to my Wednesday posts anymore.

Oh well, right? My blog, my rules.

(the closest picture she would get with the Easter bunny at the mall)

Miss Petey is going to be having a birthday in a little over 3 weeks. And this will be her first year of having a friends birthday party---though we have asked that none of the children bring her presents. We just want to give her a special day, doing fun things with her closest friends.

Can I believe my girly is almost 3? No, not really. It seems like she is always having a birthday party! As in, her life really is passing me by so quickly. I promise, it's even quicker than the average mom feels about her children growing up. :)

Remember all of my potty training ordeals with this stubborn little girl? If you don't, go look them up on my blog. It's been ups and downs, months of no accidents and months with 50 accidents.

Well, my girly has recently decided she is ONLY wearing skirts and dresses. So I made her a deal. She must stay dry all day to wear her skirt/dress all day. If she has an accident, she has to wear pants (and underwear) for the rest of the day.

I must say that this has worked for us. She does not always stay dry but she maybe has an accident every week or two.

Who knew that's what it would take? I find this to be a fair trade for us both.

And just in case you havent laughed enough today, here is Spidey at McDonald's today. I had NO idea he was dipping his bologna {we pack lunches and go play at the Mickey D's play place} in my friend's cup of ketchup...until I looked over and saw this. Crazy boy! My kids LOVE to dip. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! We are off to Grandma's to dye eggs and get everything ready for the Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

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