Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mixtures of Mixtures

Tonight, I don't know where to start. I've been sleep deprived in more ways than one, my mind is a mixture of confusion, and my schedule seems to get crazier by the week. Why do I take on new things when my life seems full? Why do I pack every day with some sort of "job" when I want badly to have more time for my kids? Why do I dream of weight loss AND dream of more babies when I feel like I'm stuck choosing between the two? Why do I yell at Boss, Petey or even Spidey on occasion and act like a big ol' grump? Well, sometimes, I just don't know. And some of the answers I do know. I know why I pack "jobs" into my week---to make money and get us into less debt. I know why I want weight loss and I know why I want babies---but the two have been so hard going hand in hand in my life. I feel like I'm split. And yes, I know why I'm not always happy and I even yell---because I'm human. I have had many doctor's appts in the last several weeks. I won't go into too much detail other than to let you know I am not dying [as far as I know] but I have food/seasonal allergies and possible sleep apnea. There was also some blood work that came back abnormal from my regular doctor. And the funniest part is, I was told by all 3 of these doctors that my symptoms can dramatically improve or even disappear if I lose weight. Awesome. I am totally on board [right after I finish this cream soda. seriously, jk] and am going to try and get back into the swing of exercising tomorrow.
In other news, my daughter is sick. What first was diagnosed as pink eye has turned into swollen eyes......and a yucky cough that won her some breathing treatments. Her sickness even won her a free nights pass into our bed last night. All I remember this morning [since Boss lost a bet with me and had to get the kids up and let me sleep in. ha!] was hearing her wake up next to me and say, "Daddy! My eyes are broken. They cant open. Please help me!" And he had to bring a warm washcloth and get all the gunk off her eyes.

Poor Petey girl.
In even more other news, my hair is blonder. Petey woke up this morning and said, "Oh my gosh, mom, your hair is white!" Well, she was slightly inaccurate but it is really, really blonde [and that picture is really, really crappy].
And remember how I'd said I found my crafting bug? I finally made my Easter wreath. Another yarn one!!!! ha! And I squished the wreath to be more egg shaped and not so round. I think it turned out pretty cute. The picture doesnt do the pastel yarn colors justice but oh well.

And that's how Suze rambles.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blonde hair!