Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

...I had a crappy night. Filled with frustration, a headache, and self pity. Yup, I AM HUMAN! So instead of wallowing in that self pity, I got on the computer after the kids went to bed and I looked at the pictures from this weekend/week. This one is from today. Boss took it of our cute, chubby little boy [who is actually not very chubby anymore at all]. I love his true smile. I love his sparkly eyes and deep dimples. Today, my mom mentioned that he is a very patient child and loves to just sit back and observe. She thought this was unusual for an 18 month old boy and I agreed. I remember him being 6 months old and being able to sit through a whole movie and as I relayed this to my mother she said, "If he can sit through a whole movie, think of how much he would learn if you were teaching him more during those "patient" times that he has." She's right, you know. Movies are convenient but they are not needed. So my goal is to teach Spidey more and take full advantage of his patience.
And then there was this picture. Petey got a hold of my sports bras on Saturday and walked in the room so proud exclaiming, "Look, mom! I got two new swim suits!" I was laughing so hard that I couldnt pass up some pictures.
And then there's my sweet angel niece, B. Cant you just tell from looking at her that she's a doll? Like literally, her face is perfect and kind of looks like one. I've told you about B and her stroke before so I wont get into much detail. If you'd like details, visit her mommy's blog HERE. Everytime I look at this little girl, I see the fighter in her and it makes me happy and sad. Sad that she has to go through the challenges that she does. But happy because I know she can make it.
And my last favorite recent picture is this one. Two happy girls [pictures like these are rare because these girls are always too busy to sit and smile for me]. I love my Leezer Squeezer niece and her bubbly personality. But tonight, the reason this picture made me smile is how far apart in age they look. Leez is big for her age and Petey is small for hers. They are actually only 4 months apart. :) And if you look in the corner, there's Spidey, trying to keep up with the big girls. He is so funny like that.

I am so thankful for pictures and memories, for the opportunity I have to put a smile on my face after being in a sour mood. These kids are worth it. They need a happy momma and I need some happy babies. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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kelly said...

You have AN 18 MONTH BABY! - A toddler, really. How did THAT happen. And he's the YOUNGEST. Sorry, just getting out my crazy emotion that in less than a month & a half I'll be there too. :)

Glad looking at pics cheered you up. It's good to have a go-to for when you need a pick me up.