Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Madness

Who were my sillies today? Boss picked Petey up like this and twirled her around and around. I love it when I get to watch him being silly with the kids. What made my skin crawl today? Looking over and seeing a scorpion on my mom's curtains. Dont worry, her and Boss killed it.
What exciting thing did we do today?

We took a field trip to a fire station! I do habilitation with my younger special needs sib's and so I decided to take them on a field trip. [Thank you, Annie, for getting us a tour at your dad's station!]
Who had a blast at the fire station?

Well, all of the kids experienced a "blast", literally, of water. :) Steve {our tour guide} took all the kids (besides the two babies) on a ride in his special airport fire truck and showed them how he blasts water. They LOVED it! [You can barely see Petey's head in the back window of his truck.]

What did the kids think was really funny at the fire station?

Watching Steve go down the fire pole.

What did I think was adorable?

Seeing Petey try on the firefighter outfit. It was HUGE on her!

What did I love about today?

The beautiful afternoon weather. The skies were so clear and the wind cooled everything down.

Who got an owie at the fire station?

Poor Petey girl. She fell while trying to jump off of some bricks and scraped the side of her tummy. What did your Monday Madness look like?

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