Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve

The day after Fatty and Katie were married, we headed up to my parents cabin, where we planned to spend the next 4 days.
The kids were so excited because there was a little bit of snow on the ground. This was the only snow we got to see and play in while we were there and it was the perfect amount.

The kids got to feel it, play in it, throw it and nobody got too dirty or wet. Perfect!Spidey sure was happy and gave me a smile to prove it. Friday afternoon, my parents, sister and family, and my hubby and Petey all went on a walk. I stayed at the cabin with Spidey and my little sister, Candace. Spidey had such a fun time because it was the first time I let him play our Kinect. There is a fun bubble game that he loved to play, where he just popped a bunch of bubbles on the screen. Very appropriate for a 2 year old. :)

That night, the kids were really cranky and we had not gotten a lot of sleep the night before so Boss and I were cranky as well. We ended up leaving the cabin after dinner so our kids could sleep in their own beds and we could get a better nights sleep too. The next morning, New Years Eve, Spidey woke up and threw up all over me. We were going to have a fun day but decided to let him rest and see how things went. We put the kids on our bed and turned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (their favorite) on the computer. Thank you, Youtube!

About an hour later, my little boy was all smiles and giggles and the kids were playing so well. I find it hilarious that Petey is willing to push her brother around in his Tonka truck. They both think it's funny.
After the kids seemed happy, we gae Spidey a full meal, which he ate quickly and never threw up so we decided to head to the park for some fresh air. This was Petey's first time riding her new bike to the park and she did great! Spidey actually fell over on his bike a minute after this picture was taken and refused to ride it. So Boss gave him a shoulder ride and I carried his scooter to the park. Boss is such a fun dad and plays with the kids at the park way more than I do. I love this picture of my boys.Add in this cute little girl and you've got my 3 favorite people, all in the same picture! :)On the way home, Boss "helped" Spidey ride his scooter home by pushing him the entire way. :) Don't worry, our house is the second house down the street from the park.
That night, our family was invited to a party but because of Spidey's possible sickness and Boss having his brother over, Petey and I went by ourselves. And we had a blast!
There was a bounce house for the kids, tons of yummy Mexican food, a pinata, karaoke, lots of confetti throwing, and fireworks!Petey was so busy picking up candy from the pinata that she didn't even notice the confetti flying everywhere and covering her head. Once she realized what we were doing, she joined in on the fun. Confetti everywhere!This was probably my favorite part of the night and I feel bad for Leyla and the clean up she's had to do at her house since then. It was seriously everywhere and we all tracked it when we came inside. Petey was so excited and wanted to show me her bag of candy.And I was so proud of her for being brave and holding a sparkler. Last year, she wouldn't touch them. :)
I'm glad we got to have a fun New Years Eve. We came home at 10:30, I put Petey to bed, and then I stayed up til midnight with my brother in law and husband. :)
Stay tuned. Tomorrow, I plan to blog my 2012 goals and words.

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