Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

What an Easter! We had 3 Easter egg hunts and the kids had a wonderful weekend. The first party was our HOA Easter party. Petey and Spidey each got to get 10 eggs and lucky for my little girly, she got a golden egg and got to pick a prize! The prize she picked was a Princess Aurora baby doll. They also had carnival games and both kids got a couple prizes from those fun games.Then we headed to my parents house for our 2nd Easter egg hunt. Unfortunatly, I left my camera at home and have NO pictures but the kids definitely had fun. Then we headed out to Tucson to spend Saturday afternoon through Sunday night with Boss' family. Petey was busy with her Leap pad...(not sure why this picture came up twice. Oops!)...and Spidey was feeding baby Chloe with the "bottle" he found. Spidester had such a fun time playing with the dog in Tucson. He LOVES animals. :)Easter morning, my tired kiddos woke up and we showed them to their baskets, which the Easter bunny had overflowed with presents! :) Then the kids put on their adorable outfits and everybody got ready. My kids LOVE brushing their teeth. Is that weird? It has never been a fight and they are both pretty good at it!Besties. These girls were so cute together all weekend. And thanks to Nana for these beautiful dresses. She made them for all the granddaughters. I loved my kids outfits and had fun "matching without matching". :) I'm sad Miss B didn't make it into any of these pictures but she had a matching dress as well. He is such a keeper! I love this kiddo so much.Unfortunatly, Spidey's asthma has been getting the best of him and he was on treatments a lot this weekend. REALLY unfortunatly, Petey has started needing treatments today. Boo. :(Leezer and Petey had so much fun all afternoon, dancing around and using their imaginations together. And all the adults sat around and played games. We had such a fun weekend and were especially grateful to spend this time with family.

Easter was wonderful and it was great to be able to teach my children the true reason we celebrate Easter. I know Petey grasped it and I'm hoping we can continue to teach Spidey so he knows how important it is as well.

And that's how Suze celebrates.

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