Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sibling Love

There is just something indescribably sweet about seeing two siblings loving each other and getting along.
Just to get one thing straight from the beginning, my kids fight often enough and I'm not trying to show that they are always loving on each other but when they do, it is precious.

My kids refuse to sleep in separate beds. This past week, we made their beds back into bunk beds because we figure they sleep on the same bed every night so why have the extra bed in the way? Honestly, I find it so sweet that they share beds.

I love how different but similiar my children are. Their genders definitely show that they are wired different from one another and yet, they can play together for long periods of time without me even needing to go and mediate. My kids have many of the same likes. They both love the trampoline, chalk, playing pretend (including dress ups...we have a few boy ones), playing "kitchen", watching movies, Play-Doh, coloring, dancing, and wrestling. Those last two are actually family favorites. We all dance and wrestle. :)

Over and over, I go back to the thoughts I originally had when we found out Spidey was a boy. I was a bit sad to not be giving my daughter a sister so close to her same age. I imagined them playing and getting along and as soon as I heard the word "boy", I assumed they wouldn't really get along and play well because their interests would be polar opposites.

I'm happy to say that this just isn't true. While my son loves cars and trucks and my daughter loves baby dolls and princesses, they both take time out of each day to play what the other loves. So yes, my son plays with Barbies and dolls and my daughter plays with trucks and balls...and I love it. It shows that they love each other and care not only about their happiness but seeing their sibling getting to play with something they love.

I wouldn't trade having a boy and a girl for anything in the world. If they end up being my only two children, I'll be sad that we didn't get a big family but I will no longer be sad that they don't get a sibling the same gender as them. These two kids are perfect for each other and I'm grateful Heavenly Father sent me the two that he did, whether they're my first two or my only two.

They are perfect.And that's how Suze sees it.

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