Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Big Boy

My son is one rockin' dude.I wanted to talk about my special little boy today.
This little boy is smart! And special! And seriously adorable! Spidey has so many new quirk and phrases that are all his own. He pronounces most things correctly, though he mutters all the time, with the exception of certain words; oinse(noise) is my favorite one. He'll say, "Mom, what's that oinse?" and it makes me smile every time.
When Petey was 2.5 years old, she seemed SO old! But my little boy is my baby and he seems so much younger than she was. And yet, I know he grasps concepts so well because he was my potty training champ.
Right now, we are working on our colors and shapes. He knows blue, green, triangles, squares, and circles. I often feel like I'm not teaching him enough but I need to realize how different he is than Petey. They are not the same person and they will not learn things on the same level every time they are taught.
Spidey definitely gets into trouble more than Petey. She may know how to give me attitude like crazy but he will just yell at me. One of his most common phrases right now if he thinks we are arguing or being mean is to say, "Mom, you NOT say that word!"
One of the frustrating things about having that boy potty trained and is that I cannot leave him in the bathroom alone. He can go potty all by himself but I know he will get into trouble if I leave the room. He likes to empty all the toilet paper, play with the toilet water or put his face in it(ew!), or get into the soap and make a big mess. Oh, that child... :) He sure keeps me on my toes.
Although our little boy is quite the mess maker, he sure has a heart and doesn't like to see others hurting. If someone is crying, he will give them kisses and hugs. He likes to play with little babies and help make others happy. I am so blessed to have him as my son.
Last but certainly not least, my boy is the entertainer in our home. He likes to make us laugh and will keep doing silly things to see if it makes us laugh, which it usually does. I took this video of him the other day after a bath. He thinks it's funny when he hits his head and makes funny noises.

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