Friday, April 13, 2012

How do I?

Entertain my children using only a blanket and some pillows:

Boss is such a fun dad. I love all of the creative things he comes up with when we are all playing together as a family. The other night, he rolled up a blanket and made it into different shapes and would instruct the kids on how they should jump over it.The kids had a blast jumping through many different shapes and letter shapes. Don't you LOVE Petey's hair in this picture? Perfect timing! Spidey, jumping in and out of the square (that both kids insisted was a circle since the corners weren't sharp).

After the kids got over that, we took the blanket and both held it off the floor a couple inches and told them to jump. They are such sillies. In the beginning of the video, Spidey was doing a somersault but jumping up on his head first. Made me laugh every time. He is such a crazy kid.

Then, Boss made some "obstacle courses" using a couple pillows and the blanket. It was really simply but the kids LOVED it!

I love simple but fun nights that I hope we will all remember. My stomach was aching from all the laughing that was happening. It was a great night with my perfect little family.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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