Monday, April 16, 2012

The Monday Brags

Everybody likes to brag about their children, right?
That isn't just something I do?
My heart just swells with pride when my children learn something new or accomplish things they've been working to achieve. So why not have a once a week brag day to talk about the two little people that I love most?!
Well, a couple weeks ago, Miss Petey walked over to the computer while I happened to be watching a clip of a little girl doing gymnastics on Youtube. (Yes, I know, random...) She was enthralled and decided she wanted to be just like this girl. And ever since then, she has been determined.
I told our almost 4 year old that she would need to practice at home if she was serious about someday taking gymnastics because it wasn't going to happen right now. So she started working on her splits and trying so so SO hard to do a bridge (all of this with the help of mommy who took gymnastics for a couple years growing up.).
Yesterday, my girl wanted to practice her "gymnastics" and I even let her wear the special pink leotard she has. We take these things seriously around here. :) After realizing that most of Petey's problem with her bridge was that her hands were slipping, I moved her over to the wall so she could practice againt it.

And voila! An almost bridge! She still had work to do because she has a hard time getting her head off the ground and I get worried about her putting all of the pressure on her neck.

Another thing she has been working hard on is having the strength to do a handstand. Her handstand may look anything but perfect but this is the highest I've ever seen her go and I was so proud! She was doing really well!

A bit later, I was in the bathroom doing my hair and Petey yelled for me to come look at her.

And this is what she did! She wasn't even up against the wall! She had practiced all afternoon and my girly was doing a bridge. And though her hair hides it, her head was off the ground the whole time! I may or may not have jumped up and down and screamed for her because I was so proud.
It just makes me proud to have such a determined little girl. Whether she'll get to start gymnastics tomorrow or in ten years, I am proud of her for learning new things on her own at home and working hard to improve them. When that little girl sets her mind to something, she will do it! I love that about her. I just had to throw in this picture of my fashion princess. :) She thought she looked dazzling with 10 clips in her hair. I love how often she makes me smile.

And that's how Suze brags.

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