Monday, May 14, 2012

The Monday Brags: All About Spidey

Since most of this week will be revolving around the two birthdays in our home this month, I thought I'd give our Spidey some face time on the blog for my Monday Brags.
I know I get repetitive when talking about this little guy because he is just a bundle of JOY and DIRT mixed into one happy mini-Boss. (He really does remind me so much of his dad. His blog nickname should be mini-Boss.)

Spidey's favorite things right now are Toy Story and Ninja Turtles. I find it hilarious that both kids love to watch the old Ninja Turtle movies and they aren't even the animated version! I would imagine them to be too scary for my 3 and 2 yr olds but I guess they aren't because neither kid has ever been afraid.

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that Spidey was the perfect child to have as my "baby" when going through secondary infertility. He is the perfect mixture of "big boy independence" and "baby who will cuddle with mommy" and seems to know when it is the appropriate timing for either one of those things.

Right now, my son is watching Toy Story 3 and quoting most of the movie. It. Is. Adorable. And adorable is really the best word to describe my son.

My Spidey isn't perfect, obviously. He likes to pick on his big sister and likes to kick people. He thinks he is too big for naptime but I do not agree. He likes to SCREAM and it gives me headaches...did I mention he screams for fun, not because he is crying or angry?

But his laugh is the best. Seriously. The video below doesn't do it justice but it shows his crazy laugh off a little bit.

I love this video because it shows how busy my little boy is. He can self entertain for hours because he is creative and uses his imagination so well. (I did try to edit the video and turn it around but it looks like it didnt work. If yours is turned the right way, hooray! If not, I'm sorry.)

Well, that's all the bragging time I have for today. I am off to clean my house so we can have company over tonight without being completely embarrassed.

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