Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Birthday Parties

We had a family party for Petey this past Saturday. She requested it be a Pinkalicious party, which was easy enough since we just made everything pink. :)
 The food table. Nothing too fancy but we tried.
 Petey wanted PB&J's so we did those, plus egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches.
 I dyed the lemons pink and put them in the pink lemonade.
 Boss' brothers really love my camera. Cant you tell? :) And yes, I did try to make a cute background with streamers and balloons but the tape I used wasn't strong and they kept falling down!
 It was so nice to have both our families come a bit early and help with the food and setting up tables/chairs.

 This picture may be a bit blurry but Petey was just so excited and jumping around, waiting for everyone to show up.
 Petey said she was cold so I let her lay down with a big blanket until people showed up. :)

Almost everyone that was invited showed up and we had a full house...literally. Petey asked about 20 times when she could open her presents and finally, after we were done eating, it was time!
 Grandma and Grandpa got her a Minnie Mouse backpack, super cute Mickey shaped earrings and a necklace, a dress, shirt, and new light up shoes!
 Boss' friends, Ryan and Kaitlin, got Petey a cute pink dress and a little kitty that purrs and moves it's tail when you pet it (it is not a real kitty...battery operated :).
 Boss' aunt and uncle got our girl Princess shrinky dinks. I've never done them before and they're really cool! Boss helped Petey make some later that day and now she has a cute charm bracelet with them on it.
 My sister, Jamie (and her family), got Petey a cute purple bear, some lip gloss, lotion and perfume (which Spidey has already successfully was made out of glass).
 Boss' other aunt and uncle got Petey a magetic dress up Princess set. She loves it!
 My other sister, Karin and her husband, got Petey a Tinkerbell toothbrush holder and a sun catcher.
 Nana and Papa got her some adorable dresses, a matching purse, and a Princess book.
 We had forgotten about a certain present we got for our girl so she opened Chutes and Ladders from us.
 Then it was time for the birthday girl to blow out her candles. I accidentally put 3 candles on it until someone asked if I did that on purpose. I guess I was in denial that my baby girl is 4 now!
 Success! She blew them out in one try.
 The best part of blowing out the candles is when it's over and you get to eat the "Pinkalicious" cupcake.
 That afternoon, she painted her sun catcher...
 ...and put it up in the window.
 Boss played Chutes and Ladders later that day. Petey loves games and since she got a few of them, we have been busy playing games all week.
 I had to take a picture of Petey on Sunday morning. We bought her this dress for her birthday and I think it's beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites on her right now. :)
 That night at dinner with my family, we celebrated Boss' birthday.
 The kids were very excited for him to open his present from my parents. :)
They got him new church pants and some surprises ($$$) in the pockets. :) He really needed new church clothes so this was the perfect gift.

It was a fabulous weekend and I am so glad we have so much family who support and love us and our children.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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