Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Petey's Birthday Day

What a day!
I figured I needed to get her birthday post done since Boss' birthday is tomorrow and Petey has a family birthday party planned for this Saturday.

Last night, I decided to blow up a bunch of balloons and throw them on the floor in Petey's room. I also covered her door in streamers so she would be surprised when she opened the door. Though I did not take any pictures, I did take a cute video of her discovering her surprise this morning.

 Then it was time to open presents. Since we woke Boss up before he left for work, we were nice and just loaded the presents onto our bed so he could rest a little bit longer. :)
 Spidey picked out 3 distinct gifts for Petey that were all perfect! I was so proud of him for choosing on his own and actually thinking of things that she would love. He picked an Izzy dress up (Jake and the Neverland Pirates is one of her favorite shows.),
 a WordWorld dvd (also her favorite show), and a Preschool learning book. He just wanted to get her a book and when I showed him that one, he agreed.
 Hugs for her brother. She was so happy with what he got her. It was adorable to see her thankful to him and see him light up and remembering picking those special things out for her.
 From us, Petey got the game Guess Who, which is a game she loves playing at Grandma's house. This newer version is actually a bit harder for a 4 yr old to play but we played a couple of times and she's already getting the hang of it.
 I LOVE the expression on her face here. SIX months ago, Petey asked for a pink car for her birthday. I was thinking a matchbox car like her brother's and I couldn't understand why she would want that (she doesn't play with his cars). She was stuck on it and wouldn't budge. She was specific about it being a pink car so we ended up finding a cute pink Barbie car for her Barbies and she loved it!
She did have a set back 2 hours after opening presents where she said, "Mom, I didnt want a Barbie car! I just wanted a regular pink car!" I had to explain gratitude and kind of hype up her Barbie car and she's back to loving it now. :)
 This picture is of one shirt but we got her summer clothes since she actually grew out of her 2T shirts! the age of 4... :)
 She also got some fun little randoms, including a purple sequined hat (one of her birthday requests was "something purple"),
 dress up shoes,
 and star sunglasses (they came in a set so Spidey got some too!).
 In her birthday interview, Petey's favorite food was waffles so that is what we had for breakfast.

Spidey wanted to sing happy birthday to his sister and I took a short video. He is seriously the cutest little boy!

 Then it was time to get dressed in her "birthday girl" shirt and head out for a day of fun.
 We started at Toys R Us since Petey is part of the birthday club and gets a $3 gift card on her birthday. They also give you a balloon and a special crown. She loves it! She picked out these little pom poms and when we got home this afternoon, she said, "Look, daddy! Im practicing to be a cheerleader!" (He just about had a heart attack.)
 Then it was off to Liberty Market for some FREE birthday food. We got there a bit earlier than lunchtime so we all shared 1 pancake, 2 eggs and some bacon. It didnt fill us up but that's ok because right next door to Liberty Market is...
 ...Joe's Real BBQ. By the time we arrived to Joe's, it was lunchtime and we had plenty of food to share between the 3 of us.
 After a yummy lunch, we headed to the $2 theater to see Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. Petey loves the movie and had requested that we see a movie today.
 Spidey is so lucky. He got to have a super fun special day too and it wasn't even his birthday!
They loved the movie and we had a great time.
 Since the movie theater is right next to the mall, we headed there to play in the kids play area.
When we were done, I asked Petey if there was anything else she would like to do on her birthday and she convinced me to do a little clothes shopping. (A girl after my heart...) I let her pick out 2 new dresses and she loved it since she doesnt usually get to pick out her clothes.
 We had a motly quiet afternoon and played dress up and watched a movie together while the boys napped (Boss got off work a little earlier than normal.). Petey loves her pirated costume and pom poms and I had to take a video. She was making up the funniest little song and dancing around.

Lucky birthday girl got to change into one of her new dresses before we headed out, just the two of us, for dinner at Joe's Farm Grill. She's such a cutie.
She ordered pizza and a strawberry milkshake and loved it.

All in all, I'd say this was one successful birthday. She had a fun fun FUN day and I'm glad we could make that happen for her.
I really am having a hard time believing that my baby girl has been mine for 4 years now but it's true! And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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