Sunday, May 13, 2012

The people that made me a mother

I am so blessed.
This afternoon has been quiet. Both of my favorite boys are sleeping and my favorite girl is watching Enchanted while I do one of my favorite :)
It has been a wonderful Mother's Day, not because of the thoughtful gifts I've received (though I'm not complaining about them...) but because of the people I get to share this day with.

This morning when I woke up to breakfast in bed, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for a husband who loves and adores me. "Crabby wife" made many appearances this weekend and I am grateful that he is able to look beyond that and show me how much he appreciates the work I do in our home. I know we will celebrate him on Father's Day but I can't help but give him recognition today also because he is the reason I am a mother. He helped me create two beautiful, perfect, healthy children and he is a wonderful person to be working side by side with to raise these special babies.

When it came to getting our children ready for church, my husband was willing to do all of the work but he knows how much I love getting my kids dressed up so I did help with that. I wasn't quite sure how Boss would react to the bow tie I had bought for our son a LONG time ago and forgotten about and when our studly little man walked out of his room dressed like the above picture, Boss couldn't help but smile. Our son, that little man that we had together created, looked adorable in his outfit. Pride swelled in my heart for a son who always brings a smile to my face when I don't feel like smiling. He was the perfect second child and the perfect child to have as my "baby" while I've been going through these infertility difficulties. His little 2 year old body is small compared to the old spirit that is inside of him. He has really given me a testimony of premortal existence because I know his spirit is not 2 years old! He is wise, he is loving, and I am grateful to know without a doubt that he is mine forever.

Then came church. As I read the program for our sacrament meeting, I realized my daughter would be participating in the traditional Mother's Day singing up on the stage for the very first time. Even though I had to take her up to the stage and she mostly just stood there looking terrified, my heart swelled with pride that I helped create her.  I couldn't help but stare into her beautiful blue eyes and see a daughter of God, attempting to be brave and sing for her mother. I know she may not understand yet exactly why she was up there but I know she knows how special I think she is and how much gratitude I have for her that she would do a hard thing because it would make mommy smile. She is wonderful at making me smile and I'm so grateful for her. I feel so blessed to know that she is mine forever.

It has been the perfect day. Nothing fancy or embellished but a day with my little family (and tonight my extended family). Perfection.

And that's how Suze sees it.

PS: I am very thankful for my mother and mother in law also and I have not forgotten them on this special day. :)

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