Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy birthday to the man of our house!

My husband is many things.
 He is a protector. He is always making sure our children are safe and that I am safe also. If I hear a noise in the middle of the night, it takes one tiny nudge and he will pop out of bed to make sure everything is ok (as opposed to the mornings, when it takes him 30min to get up :). He will kill bugs for me, teach me safety skills of my own, and I bet he'd even fight for me if he needed to.
 He adores me. I know, it sounds vain, but I am lucky to have him always there to build me up when I want to break down. He isn't perfect and he certainly isn't the most sensitive person I've ever met but he tries and that counts more than enough in my book.
 He is so silly! He is always doing things that make me laugh. I can remember this particular day. I honestly don't know where our kids were (but they were probably with my mom). We went outside and were both doing tricks on the swings. I remember laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I love that he makes that happen. I love that he makes me laugh often.
 He is a kid magnet. Not only do our kids look up to him, so many kids at church or in our family love to be around him. When we were in charge of the 18mo-3 year olds at church, most of the kids preferred him over me. He is just so fun!
 He is willing to do un-manly things if it makes his daughter smile. He has painted her toe nails, done her hair, etc and doesn't even complain about it. He is such a good dad for both kids but I have been pleasesantly surprised with how well he treats our daughter. She is a princess in his eyes.
 He loves his family. It's not hard to be entertained when all of his family gets together...
 ...did you need proof? (Yes, they try to tickle Aaron until he pees his pants. Apparently, they've been successful before. Too bad Aaron is as big and probably stronger than he is now.) Him and his brothers are often found wrestling or tickling each other. He really has a deep love for his family and I love that about him. He worries about his siblings and tries to be aware of the things that are going on in their lives.
He is a super awesome dad to his son. He teaches him how to treat us girls but he also teaches him fun "manly" things like getting dirty, wrestling, and whatever else men do. :) I may not always understand the things he loves but I love that he has things to love.

My husband is amazing. He loves others. It seems like he is always helping someone else because he just loves to be there for people. I am proud that he is mine and that I am his.

Today wasn't the best birthday he's ever had (He's been gone at work ALL day.) but we are celebrating more tomorrow and I hope to make it a fun date night.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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