Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peace is possible, Kids are hilarious

The growth of my children is happening too fast.
No babies in this home anymore.
Two potty trained, sentence speaking, big kid bed toddlers have taken over our home and have left no sign of anything baby around here.
And the weird realization is that yesterday, I was totally comfortable with that. It's not necessarily that I've decided we are done having babies but moreso that I am more comfortable with the feeling that we may never get to have more babies. I'm sure there are going to be moments where I don't feel this way and that I'll have a hard time watching sisters or sister in laws have more kids but at least I know peace is possible.

On a much much MUCH brighter note, my kids have been keeping me entertained and busy. Maybe that's why things are going so well. :) As I said, they are both growing up much too quickly but the things they are learning and saying are so adorable!

Petey says the weirdest things daily. Her imagination baffles me and I don't know why she thinks of half the things she thinks of! For example:
"Mom, if I was like a giant, I could put my fork up to the ceiling."
P: People grow and animals grow and plants grow but cars don't grow and strollers dont grow and plastic doesnt grow but plastic and paper goes in the blue recycle trash so we can use it again someday.
Me: Where did you learn all of that?
P: Dallen taught me from his preschool class.
We are driving by and see a lady walking on the sidewalk: "Wow, her bottom is really huge, Mom. I've never seen one that huge."

And then there's my Spidey. I have tons of videos that I took yesterday but they'll have to be their own post because I haven't uploaded them yet. Some of the funny things Spidey has said lately:
I was holding him and HAPPILY talking with a friend and he started yelling, "Stop fighting! No fighting!" I tried to convince him we weren't fighting but he was not convinced.
Me: We are going to Grandma's house!
S (in a sing song voice): Hooray! Hooray! We going to Grandma's house. Hooray!

Really though, Spidey's new laugh is the most entertaining thing about him at the moment. It's hilarious! I'll make sure to get those videos up this week.

And that's how Suze sees it, brags, loves her children, etc. :)

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