Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm streaking in May: Wanna join me?

May is already a special month in our home since two of my very favorite people have birthdays.
So when my SIL wrote a blog post about how May is also Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month, it became even more special!
Two very special people in my life have suffered an infant stroke and I realized I wanted to participate in this "streaking".
Side note: When originally clicking on my SIL's blog post, I was expecting to find pictures of one of her kiddos streaking around the house or something. But this is a different kind of streaking. I'm not sure it would be a good idea for someone to literally go streaking every day in the month of May. :)
 Her daughter, my niece, Miss B, is a stroke survivor. I love this little girl to death! Isn't she adorable? She has the sweetest little spirit and always brings a smile to my face. Miss B is definitely a fighter and says things like, "I can do it!" even when things are tough for her. She and Spidey are only 3 days apart and if he would just calm down and play a little quieter, I'm sure they'd be better friends. :) Not that they don't like each other, because they do, he is just so wild!
My SIL put a beautiful video of my niece on her blog and I wanted to share it too. It shows more of what Miss B has been through in her two years so far.

The next super duper special person in my life affected by an infant stroke is my favorite little brother, Wilbur-Force. This kid is awesome! Like I said with B, there is definitely a sweet spirit about him that cannot be described. You'd have to meet him to see how truly wonderful he is. Wilbur-Force has a more extreme case than Miss B's and at age 14 (almost 15), he still struggles a ton with using the left side of his body (though he does have other handicaps as well and that makes his case different from B's anyway). My job is actually working with him after school on habilitation and sometimes he just surprises me with the things he is achieving. Even though my sweet brother often gets frustrated because he can't do things, he still tries and that's what counts. He has more friends than me because he is such a fun kid to be around.
I'm grateful to know these two very special people.

Now onto my streaking.
It took me a while to decide what I was going to do. I've thought about it in the past few days and could not come up with something that I could literally do every day.
But this morning, it came to me.
For the month of May, I am promising to take care of my body every day.
This is not something I normally do and since dieting and joining the gym, I thought I could just use those but I don't necessarily do both every day (I dont exercise on Sundays). So to make sure it is something I accomplish every day, I plan to make sure my body is taken care of. I want to make better health decisions, better exercising decisions, and even better grooming decisions. I just want to make sure I'm taking time out of my busy days to take care of the wonderful body God created just for me!
If you'd like to participate and streak with us, let Juli or I know and we can all keep each other accountable or talk about it at the end of the month!

Happy streaking!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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