Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessional

Is it Friday already?
Actually, let me change that...
Is it only Friday?
The past 3 days have felt like an entire week. Not sure why, they just have.
Maybe it's all this cleaning I've been doing.
Or the dieting.
Or the parenting of two crazy toddlers.
Anyway, I confess:
  • I realized how much I baby my son today.
  • 16 months old and he gets held with any little fuss.
  • He has a hitting problem and today he hit his sister while he was on my lap.
  • So I gently set him down to let him know that he wouldnt get to sit on my lap while he was making choices like that.
  • He cried. A lot. But then he walked to his sister and hugged her.
  • About 2 minutes ago (I stopped writing the above sentence when it happened), he hit his sister again.
  • And I put him in time out for one minute.
  • It seemed slightly ridiculous since he kept getting up and I kept setting him back down and he was laughing the whole time.
  • But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?
  • I figure if he can start understanding and speaking sentences like, "I donno." "what dat?" "where dat?", etc, he can start learning about discipline too.
  • Wish me loads of luck, please. He is just my sweet little baby and it's hard to take him seriously and discipline, even when he isnt making the best of choices.
  • On another note, today was my cheat day on my diet. I hadnt planned on cheating at all (even though I'm allowed to) until I saw that we had a Totinos pizza in the freezer. I checked the calories...360 for half of the pizza...and I usually eat the whole thing.
  • I honestly thought about it for over an hour and finally caved in.
  • Now I feel slightly sick and have been drinking a Coke Zero to calm my stomach (not the best choice in drinks but it IS low sodium and 0 calories).
  • I have so much guilt from that one small pizza...maybe because I almost never cheat. The faster the weight can come off, the better. But I do realize that if I want to have success, I do need to give myself an indulgence once in a while...maybe not a 720 calorie indulgence but an indulgence, nonetheless.
  • I am down ten pounds now in two weeks. Huge accomplishment. So many people comment on how different I look already and it makes me realize how worth it this all is. I love myself but I need to be happier, healthier, and more in shape to fully love the person that I am.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Sarah said...

10 lbs is awesome! My husband and I have been eating healthier for a little over a month now and I still find it hard at times to not eat certain things. Mostly I find it hard to not snack too much in between meals! But I agree too, you need to reward yourself every so often for your success.

kelly said...

I baby my littlest too. It's SO hard not to when you're not immediately expecting another one.

WAY TO GO on the 10 lbs. I have about 8 more to go before I can hit maintenance mode and it's tough to get those last 10 off. YOU are off to a great start though! Way to go, lady! :) You're a dieter extraordinaire!