Saturday, February 19, 2011

How do I?

How do I organize food in a kitchen with no pantry?

If you have the lack of a pantry in your home, I really hope this helps you. We have been living in our home for three years now and have had two kids in that time who are both now eating regular foods. It always seems like there are boxes or bags of food stacked along our counters because there are only 3 cupboards in our home that we can use for food. This week, I saw a post on Brown Paper Packages that I decided to try out. I bought these bins at Target for $2.50 each (I am seriously addicted to Target $1.00-$2.50 bins). It worked perfectly since they only had 4 red bins and red is my favorite color and also one of the colors in our kitchen. :)
I designated two bins for Boss and the kids filled with cookies, crackers, bagels, raisins, etc.
And two bins for me, filled with my 90-100 calorie packs. (this has been a HUGE help for my snacking on a diet)
We actually already had a basket on our counter that was used for all kinds of miscellaneous snacks. I designated it for the kids bagged chips, crackers, pretzels, etc.
On a side note, today I am proud to announce that there is not a single dirty dish in my kitchen! I worked hard most of this afternoon to get the kitchen organized and clean and am happy that I got it done!
And that's how Suze does it.

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kelly said...

That works well! The only issue I would have is that it would take away from my glorious scads of counter space... oh, and I would be tempted to snack on the kids' stuff. Not that it being in the counter means I won't. I still do. ... Your baskets look cute! :)