Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Madness

Who REALLY liks yogurt in our house?

Petey is the winner! Look at that yogurt-covered face. What did I accomplish today?

A Valentine's Day project. I am going to add some tulle to the top to hang it and then Ill be all finished!
What looked so precious today?

Seeing all 4 kids watching a movie together...of course, segregated from the one boy---since boys have cooties, right? ;)
Who put a huge piece of banana in their mouth today and thouhgt it was hilarious?

Well, you probably know the answer without looking at the picture but here is a picture to prove who it was.
Who did I put to work today?

Petey girl! She helped wash off Grandma's kitchen table so we could all eat dinner together.
Well, hopefully this isnt the best day I come across this week. It wasnt horrible but there was some stress, anger, frustration, and one REALLY tired momma. Not a good mix. And I'm sure because that momma was so tired, things seemed worse. (someone should tell that momma to go to bed at a decent hour tonight---or ever)
Have a wonderful Monday madness!
And that's how Suze sees it!

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