Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wild Wednesday- Find the positives

Today started out good.
Beautiful scenery at the temple.
Beautiful (and handsome) children bundled up.
Beautiful Boo and her beautiful face.
But then my heart turned sour. We went shopping and I made good choices (the not spending any money kind of good choices). But my heart hurt. And trust me, it got worse from here.
I dropped my nephew off at my mom's house and talked with her for a while. There was a huge lump in my throat as I tried to explain my feelings to her. Inadequacy, stress, worry, doubt.
And then we smelled it. And after we smelled it, we saw it. Twenty minutes before I had to be at the dentist's office with Petey, her brother had pooped ALL up his back and even down his legs too. It doesnt stop there. As I grabbed him to take him to her bathtub, my mom yelled, "Dont worry, I'll clean up the walls." What? So I stripped him down and put him in the bath. And realized we had no extra clothes for him. My mom searched and found some 3T size shorts that she quickly sewed to make them fit his waist (they looked hilarious). She also found a shirt that was to be saved for his 2nd birthday (size 24mo and also huge on him) and threw that on him.
And then Petey walked in and said, "Mom, are you gonna clean the poop off my pants and shoes from Bubba's bum?" What?!! was seriously everywhere. As in, I went back out there and it was smeared on my Mom's good living room pillows and on her carpet. Ugh! Luckily, my mom had some pink pants that fit her and her socks were clean.
So we went to the dentist appt with one kid that had HUGOGINORMOUS clothes on and another kid that was just in socks. Yeah we looked like a pretty sad case.
But my kids were happy and getting along. I couldnt hardly complain about that.
And now to find the positives:
I am so lucky to have a mom that listens to me and helps me out when I need her. I am thankful that for some reason, she always has new clothes for my kids stored in her closet, waiting for a day like today (well, actually, waiting for their birthdays but oh well).
I am thankful to have a husband that is working hard in school so that someday I wont have to be scared about not paying our bills.
I am so thankful for kids who love each other and play well together.
I am thankful that Petey was brave for the dentist and that she has super healthy teeth.
And I'm thankful that the waffles I made for dinner tasted really yummy. I love it when my dinners turn out well.
And that's how Suze stays positive.

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