Saturday, February 12, 2011

How do I?

How do I create cute Valentine's hair do's on Petey?

If anyone is looking for a cute hairdo for your little girl, look no further...or do. Ours are pretty simple but we like simple around here lately.

This was actually today's V-day hair do but I accidentally put these pictures up first. Start by sectioning the front part of the hair to the side and put a pony tail right in the middle of her head. Do a backwards pull through (link to the pull through is below in another hairstyle) and split the hair into two pieces.

I'm only going to show you one side of her hair in pictures..mirror to make the other side match. I just kept braiding the pieces and attaching rubber bands to make it shape like a heart.

Here is the finished product. It is a squared out heart, not perfect, but still adorabl!

This one, we tried was on Thursday. I took all of her front hair and put it in a pony tail and then did a pull through. I then sectioned two pieces and braided them halfway down. I grabbed another section of hair below the pull through and attached the two ponies together, leaving the braids really lose.
They kind of shaped like a heart when I did this. It wasnt my favorite do but it was my first attempt.

The biggest problem was that the bow covered almost the entire heart (and I dont normally do hairstyles without bows on my girl).
So on Friday, we tried again and tweaked it a little bit...
I took a section (this time off to the side of her head) of hair and did a backwards pull through (see how the hair is pulled through and pointing towards her face?).
I split the two sections again and braided them.
And then I took another section of hair and attached it all together, remembering to make sure the braids were loose. (exactly the same thing but with a backward pull through). This one was shaped a lot more like a heart and stayed that way all day. It also looked fine with a bow in it. The heart was still visible!
A cute picture of Petey with her "snake heart hair", as she called it. I guess the braids looked like snakes?

And that's how Suze does it.

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