Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother, Daughter

I have been in a blog funk for a couple of days.
I would look at my blog and think, "I should write about the food I cooked this week." or "I should probably post a Wild Wednesday post." or "I should probably blog about the 9 pounds I've lost." but I just didnt feel like it.
Oh well.
I'm back today.
A conversation in the car today with Miss Petey:
P: "I love my sister."
S: "Petey, you dont have a sister."
P: "But daddy has a sister, right?"
S: "Yes, Aunt Juli is daddy's sister."
P: "Well, I'm a princess."
Ok...? It made me smile. Her being a princess pretty much trumps anything we are talking about. If she gets confused, bored, upset, etc., she will just remind me that she is a princess and the conversation is expected to be over.
I have a love/hate relationship with her growing up. She is constantly surprising me and making me proud with the new things she learns and I love seeing her personality grow. But I hate realizing that she is no longer my baby and that she wont be saying these cute, quirky things to me forever. I hate knowing that someday, she may not want to kiss or hug me or let me hold her and read her books. I hate knowing that she wont always want me to pick out her clothes and do her hair...not because I dont want her doing her own hair but because I am going to miss that time I get to spend talking to her while we get her ready in the mornings.
There is such a special relationship between a mother and a daughter that cannot be replaced by anything else. I feel so very special that I was chosen to be her mother.
And that's how Suze sees it.

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EmmyJ said...

I love this post so much!! She is darling and I love both of you!! <3