Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wild Wednesday- Find the positives

Today was a lucky day.
It wasnt hard to find the positives.
I found positives in creating a new yarn wreath for Valentine's day. Boss thinks it needs more hearts---I think it's simple and beautiful. We'll see if I add to it later. I found positives in myself. You'll notice I tried to cover my double chin in this picture with my sweater (actually, you probably didnt notice). But I usually edit all of my pictures and I decided not to touch this one.
Today, this momma went on a diet. Oh please send prayers her way that it works. 40 pounds before July is the end goal, which is 2 pounds a week, and it is highly attainable. This momma just needs to stay motivated and remember the things that matter most in life---which doesnt include food. I am now taking emails/comments/suggestions for healthy meals...Go! :)
I found positives in my diva, sassy daughter. Oh how I love knowing she is mine forever and ever and ever.
Today I found positives in knowing my husband is also mine forever. I've been doing Valentine's surprises for him since last week, all leading up to the big Valentine's day. The one i the picture below says, "Simply glad you're not a couch potato." Other ideas include:
  • A spicy food: "You're so hot!"
  • Lifesavers: "You're my lifesaver!"
  • Crush soda: "I have a crush on you."
  • Beef Jerky: "So glad you're not a jerk."
  • Hershey's hugs and kisses: "Thought you could use a couple extra hugs and kisses tonight."
  • Lays chips: "Let's get laid." (ha...sorry, had to add that one)
  • Extra gum: "You are the extra in extraordinary."

Those are just a few examples...I have 2 weeks worth but cant remember all of the ones Ive done so far. Bummer!

And today I found joy in help. My mother asked to take my kids today on a Grandma date so that I could get some house cleaning done. When she came to get them, she surprised me with a Swiffer jet mop, new dish towels, sponges, and a lovely new dust pan with a rubber edge (since my old one was a piece of crap and didnt pick up anything). I was amazed that she would do all of that just for me.
Later that day, I went to work with my siblings and didnt come home until 5:45, right after my husband had left for school. I walked in to a cleaner house than I had left it. He had scrubbed the floors and done another load of dishes for me.
Today I was amazed at the generosity others give to me. I am very loved. I am very lucky. And it's one of the many reasons I love to give to others---because I have been taught well by an excellent mother.
And that's how Suze stays positive.


Ana Franco said...

I loved your blog post today. It has a real positive vibe and a pick me up for the others to remember what makes us happy. Even if it is just the little things.

Congrats on the diet. I have a few recipe books from " The Flat Belly Diet" I love making meals, they are easy to make and taste delicious. It's a mediterranean diet with good monounsaturated fatty acids , aka MUFA'S. Which help to lose the bad fat found in the belly and around the internal organs which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, etc.

If you would like, let me know what types of food your family eats most of and I can post some recipes for you to
use. While I was on the diet, I lost on average 3-4 pounds a week, with light exercise daily (walking, or biggest loser workout- no more than 30 minutes a day) otherwise the diet alone I would lose 1-2 pounds weekly. It's completely safe, it's just changing e way you eat for more veggies, and fruits. Or if you'd like to get together sometime next week I can bring over the recipe books and explain more. I absolutely love it.

Shalyn said...

I love the wreath- so cute! This post in general makes me happy:-)