Friday, March 18, 2011

Blankets for Japan

I wont be posting a Friday Confessional post today...for two reasons.
First of all, I already blogged today. :)
Second of all, I have something much more important to talk about.
My husband's sister, Juli, is doing a blanket drive for the people of Japan and I am trying to help spread the word!
You can go to her blog to contact her and help out or just leave me a comment and I can make sure to get in touch with her for you.

If you didnt already know, my husband served a mission for our church in Sendai, Japan and the areas surrounding, which is the part of Japan that was hit the worst. He was there for two years, serving and teaching those people and he came to love so many of them. The devastation that has hit Japan has really made an impact on him. He was immediately trying to call/email/Facebook the families and friends that he has in Japan to make sure they were ok (and he is constantly watching news coverage and online footage of the earthquake/tsunami).

One of his friends emailed him back after a day or two, letting us know that his family was ok but that their house was destroyed.

Think about if that were you.
Obviously, the most important thing was that their family was safe, unlike thousands of others. But where do they go from here? They have no home to go back to.

These blankets will really help those families who have lost so much.

If you can help, please contact Juli or let me know. Every dollar, piece of fabric, line of thread, etc helps.

Thank you so much.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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jen said...

I haven't had a minute to get online to read your post about me in your dreams. Hilarious. Really. Glad Brad could defend us!
Brad also served his mission in Japan--Tokyo--so I understand your hubby's concern. Thanks for letting us know of another way to help.
Have a great day!