Sunday, March 6, 2011

We found...

...a novel creation called a library!!!

And it's why I have missed my 'How Do I?' posts for 2 weeks. It's also why I havent posted daily---like I used to do.
I got a library card [FOR FREE---big shock to me since I thought they cost money---shows how much I know about a library---ha!] and have been using it weekly to get books and movies for myself and my kids---and the hubs if he requests anything. The kids and I go on occasion or I take my siblings while I'm working with them.
So far, I've read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Books 3 and 4 [I know, I'm not a teenager anymore but yes, I still read teenage books].
And so far for the kids, we've gotten a Pinkalicious book and the following movies: Alice in Wonderland and a Dora movie with a couple episodes on it.
So this is why I havent posted as often.
I apologize. I made a yummy taco casserole this week that my husband liked---AND he ate leftovers from it, which means it was a hit. Ill try to post it as soon as I can find the recipe again. (Hello, Scatterbrained Suze!)
For now, I'll leave you with some cute pictures. Doesnt Spidey look like he could be a poster child for the Superstition Springs kids club? He is holding that necklace like he's trying to show everyone in the world about it. :)
And Petey was so excited to ride the pink dragon this week.
Hope you have a great Sunday!
And that's how Suze sees it.
PS: I now weight 163 pounds...12 pounds down from my 175 start and feeling so proud!

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mindy said...

What is your workout? Or is it just diet? Awesome job girl!!! Ps...I read all ur posts..just so u know