Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I was going to blog...

I was going to write a huge, long blog post and then...
I remember my husband had half of a root canal today and is on pain medication (and is currently singing "Row your boat" in his sleep and he just, "Do you know who your Grandpa reminds me of? Mr Magoo. Do you even know who that is?" Pain meds make him sleep talk...a lot)
And I remember how whiney my kids have been lately.
And I remember how I stayed up late tie dying shirts with my friends for all of our kids.
And I remember that Petey walked around the Phoenix Children's Museum today in only underwear (that could possibly pass as booty shorts) because she was on level 3 of the play house and couldnt get to the bathroom fast enough---hence pooping in her pants. "sigh"
So even though this consists of a blog post, it isnt much. And I am extremely exhausted.

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