Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slow down, Speed up!

Sometimes I wonder how life slips by so fast and so slow all at the same time. And I wonder how this "recent to me" picture could already be a year old. And those kids have now turned into these kids [the kind of kids who no longer like looking at the camera]. But then there's college. Will. It. Ever. Be. Over??? Everyone always tells me it'll go by fast but guess what? It isnt. For how fast my kids seem to be growing, my husband should be done with school tomorrow. :) But alas, we are almost halfway done. And he will have his associates by the end of the summer. So that is a step---it's some sort of degree, right? And by all of this school-going-slow business, I am not saying that my husband isnt doing well and getting through it all. I just mean that it feels like it's been forever...and I feel like I had my daughter yesterday. In comparison, it doesnt match up. So if I could choose for something to go faster and something else to go slower, it would be this: School, please be over when I blink my eyes. Or at least speed up a little bit! My husband works hard and I want him to get a break...or a really great job...or both. Kids, when I blink, dont grow!!! Slow down! Hold on! Mommy is baby hungry because her babies keep growing up so fast! I'd be content with just the two of you for now if you would just stay babies a little bit longer. And since mommy cant have any more babies right now, you need to stay small for me! This would be ideal. And that's how Suze sees it.

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