Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Madness

No pictures today. I apologize. And not the same format as my regular Monday Madness, which is ironic since today was filled with more madness than most of my other Mondays. It all started early this morning when I had to go into the DES office don't even want to me, you dont. There are so many things I could say about the very unpleasant people I have delt with at my local DES office but that isnt really necessary. Instead of ranting and raving about it on the internet (which I am still slightly doing, just in less detail), I have filed complaints to higher sources and after the deadline I've given them of tomorrow to fix their mistakes, if the problems still arent fixed, I'll be calling the office of Russell Pearce. Just wish me luck. Because though I am going to fight, I am seriously exhausted and would love to never walk into a DES office again in my life. Later in the morning, we went over to Petey's boyfriend's house (just kidding!) to play. His mom is one of my best friend's and we try to get together every Monday and then whatever other days in between work out for both of us. :) I had work in the afternoon. Fun. But my client (ha! my little sister) was not in the best of moods today---much like her older sister. Upon returning home, Spidey was asleep (hello, teething monster!) and it was dinner time. At 8:30pm, he still has not woken up and I am guessing he wont be sleeping through the night tonight. Here's to hoping but not really having high hopes that he sleeps through the night tonight. Now, if somebody could tell me WHY I am sitting on our hard tile floor leaning my back against the couch instead of actually sitting on the couch, I'd really appreciate it. (and if you find my brain, please kindly return it to me) And that's how Suze sees it.

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