Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Madness

Oh the joys of Monday Madness!!! We had an incredibly relaxing spring break filled with lots of snuggling up at my parent's cabin. I just love these two children that I have been blessed with. Sometimes I just look at them and realize how perfect they are for our family and it makes my heart so happy. Even though sometimes they dont want me to hold them (pictured below), I know they love me and I love them.What was my favorite weekend picture?

This beauty that Boss captured yesterday.
What were the two main events of today?

My best friend, Leyla's, birthday and also my mom's birthday! For Leyla's, we celebrated with lunch at Joe's Farm Grill...Yum!
For my mom's birthday, we had a party at my parent's house with Buca di Beppo take out, presents, and some fun games.
Who made me laugh today?

Oh that silly brother and dad of mine. They were trying to mimick each other's "angry" faces but my brother was laughing too hard to even try.
(pictured below...Mom open her present from us)
It was a fabulous Monday and I hope that these two very special women in my life had a very special day today.
And that's how Suze sees it.
PS: Glitter toes? I am not a fan. I got mine done in February and I now have an infected ingrown toenail...and that is on the toenail that has had surgery before to cauterize the nerve! I'm a little bit upset tonight because I was told to file them off but the pressure from the filing is hurting my toe like crazy. Hmph. Probably wont be doing that again. But for those of you that like glitter toes and dont get ingrown toenails like me, good for you!

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Alida said...

Looks like you all had a great time... I just love Buca di Beppo! Gotta put that on my list for the next time we are in the states!