Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About: March

[I cant believe it is already time to write my Ten Things to Smile About: March post! Was February really a month ago? Weird!]
1. Spending a lot of time jumping on our new trampoline---providing enjoyment for kids and a break for mom when she's cleaning. :) 2. A very special librarian who gave my sweet daughter brand new copies of the Pinkalicious books to check out. We returned them yesterday, after Petey had Pinkalicious practically memorized. :)
3. Going to the cabin for spring break and getting TONS of snuggle time with my kids.
4. Boss' grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
5. Spending a late night with my son, the teething monster. He doesnt get a lot of one on one time with me so when we do get it, I cherish it.
6. Grandpa taking Spidey out in the irrigation to look at the trees and spend time together. That boy was in Heaven. Which boy, you ask? Probably both of them. :)
7. Spidey deciding his favorite toy is Petey's pink baby doll stroller. Hilarious.
8. The kids becoming fascinated with Boss' Lego Star Wars game. Petey thinks it's a movie and asks to "watch it with him" ALL the time...he's pretty happy about that [extra game time for him].
9. Petey sharing her cereal with her brother after he was done with his own breakfast. :)

10. Dying my hair blonde. Becoming the newest member of Twitter (@SuzesCorner). Getting hooked on Dog the Bounty Hunter. [those apparently all count as one thing to smile about] :)

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Emmy said...

Thanks for linking up. The trampoline and balls looks like so much fun. Eric loved it when the kids wanted to watch a race car game he used to play :)
50 years- so awesome!!