Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Have you ever had a moment in your life that you've thought, "Oh, crap! What did I do?"? Like maybe you had tie dyed some shirts red last week and you forgot to wash them separately. And somehow your son's nice white church shirt got mixed in with the red shirts and now it is a pink church shirt.
And then you just wish you could rewind to that morning and separate these shirts from each other before starting a load of laundry.

Well, it's been one of those days for me. It started out crappy---as in, I had to call the DES office and then they told me to come down to the office to talk to a supervisor and when I got there the front office refused to let me see a supervisor so I cried all the way home and then called them back later to explain my situation more and the girl apparently couldnt handle my tone of voice so she transferred me to the supervisor whom I had to leave a 10 minute message for, crying the whole time mind you, and she never returned my call. "sigh" (World's Longest Run-on Sentence Award!).
After that, I had a headache all afternoon from crying all morning and I was loved so much by very wonderful friends and I thought, "Hey, this day is only going to get better." but I was wrong. It was still a stressful afternoon.

But today needed to end on a positive note so I decided to be productive and look at life from a different perspective, just like these silly kids have taught me.
So I finished Petey's notebook purse that I found HERE. Still working on the basketball notebook for Spidey...the Easter bunny will bring these to them in their Easter baskets next month.
And I finally found a good use for this huge pretzel can that Ive been saving (yay for putting away the baby toys that my kids dont play with right now!)
And my last big project today was figuring out a way to keep our wireless router safe. You see, the room we like best for our "play/toy room" is the only room in our house that has hook ups for our wireless router. Hmph. This has created some problems and a few scares when the kids would play with it so when I moved Petey back in to the other room with her brother last night (her bed was covering up the router before), I knew we needed some of these metal box shelves.
I connected those first two boxes backward so they would create a cage for the router but I realized that would still look fun for the kids and they'd want to figure out a way to get to it.
So I stuffed a bunch of pillows in there to hide the router. Perfect!
Then I organized everything in the playroom (which will last until the morning),
and filled the extra boxes with some of their toys. This is the best our play room has ever looked---besides the dirty carpet. Yuck!
And what better way to end the day than to cuddle up with some soft, clean kiddos after bathtime?


Shalyn said...

Boo for rough days:-( On the brightside, the pink shirt will sure look good with your little boys red hair:-)

Carrie said...

lol...I totally ruined one of Ryan's new dress shirts too!