Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About: February

Ten Twelve Things to Smile About: February

Sorry, Emmy, I cheated. I had twelve things (actually more than twelve) to smile about this month.

1. Snow in Mesa, AZ this past week. Or sleet. But very very soft sleet. And it even stuck to the ground for a bit!
2. Heart shaped drool from my sweet baby boy.
3. Zoo trip with my mom and nephews...and getting this cute picture of Spidey and I.
4. Petey pulling weeds with me.
5. My Great Aunt giving the kids rides on her walker.
6. Watching my 5 year old nephew take control of the toddlers on leashes. And seeing their hilarious faces in this picture.
7. Bounce Jungle with friends and watching Petey succeed to the top of this slide.
8. A sleepover with my friends and getting glitter toes!
9. Carousel rides during our kids club mall days.
10. Tessi and Petey getting along so well the first day I started watching her.
11. Temple trips with my SIL and nieces and seeing ice on the ground (Are you sure we are still living in Arizona?).
12. Petey's first dentist trip!
February has been such a great month. Happy # 13 would be getting our trampoline yesterday. I forgot about that one until right now but the kids have been having a blast with it.
And that's how Suze sees it.


Juli said...

Was that temple trip really in February? It seems like forever ago!!

kelly said...

I was surprised by February. Turned out better than it normally does. Glad yours was great :) I'm TERRIFIED to do the dentist thing. Way to go! :)

Emmy said...

Sorry finally getting to this, great great list, even if you have 12 ;)

We used to live in AZ and our first winter there was record cold, days in the 20's. And then our first summer was record hot! Crazy weather.

Love the heart shaped drool, too funny.

We have been on that same carousel-you must not be too far from where we used to live