Monday, January 23, 2012

Ruffled Jeans ,Hard Days, and FHE

Wel, today was quite a day.
More on that later but first, I'm here to show off my latest craft project.

I have this cute pair of capri-length jeggins for Petey that I wanted to try some ruffles on. I've seen the idea ALL over Pinterest and wanted to give it a try! And boy, do I love it! I think they turned out adorable and added just the right amount of girly fabulousness to my Petey girl's pants.
So now would you like to hear about my hard, hard, very hard day?
Well, this morning my kids woke up at 6:30. Bleh! But anyway, we got up and I realized we had almost nothing in our kitchen. No milk, no eggs, no bread. So as soon as 8am rolled around, we headed to Trader Joe's to go grocery shopping.
An hour later and a cart full of food, we were checking out when I realized I didn't have my correct debit card to PAY for said food so after a quick call to my husband, I put my groceries on hold and left the store.
My husband insisted he didn't have the card so I headed to my parents, where we'd been staying these past 2 weeks, to see if it was lost somewhere over there.
I came up with nothing so we headed home, still with an empty kitchen. For lunch, the kids and I ate a total of 8 granola bars (I won't tell you how that was divied up), dried blueberries, and tap water. I was feeling extremely stressed out and was a crappy mother most of the morning.
I finally decided we needed to leave the house so we could all be less grumpy (especially me). So we headed to the park for some fun! And it did the magic trick. We were all giggling and playing and had a great time.
And mostly because everyone could use a laugh on a Monday, here is a video from our park trip. Pay close attention to the first 5 seconds of the video. Poor Spidey...
I love that my kids fit in our single stroller together. And no, Petey isn't choking her brother. :) We went on a nice, long walk after playing at the park and it really helped my mood.

Of course Boss got home at 3pm and at approximately 3:03pm, he found my card! It was on the floor in my car. I'm so thankful that he found it and as soon as he did, Petey and I headed back to Trader Joe's to pick up the groceries that they still had on hold for me. Phew! I am so glad everything worked out today.

Tonight, Boss had to go to the library to get a bunch of homework done so the kids and I had Family Home Evening by ourselves.

We watched our Living Scriptures video of the Nativity 3 times (Seriously, 3 times) and then had a blast playing Dont Break the Ice and Duck, Duck, Goose.

I am so thankful for my children and my husband. We all play a role here to make this family work and stick together and it is important that we keep our end of the bargain and make this life as much fun as possible (At least that's how I look at it.). :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emily said...

I'm so glad you found your card. That can be major stressful!

What a way to turn a bad day into a fun one. Good job on getting out the house (I'm jealous of your awesome weather, btw) and making the best of your situation.

I do FHE alone with my daughter when my husband works late. It sure is more fun when we're all together, but I always know it's best to do it whether he's there or not. :)